The Order of the GrandFire

What Is the Order of the GrandFire

The Order of the GrandFire is an exclusive club amongst Wickerkin members that receive exclusive benefits.

You must have adopted 5 or more Wickerkin to be upgraded to The Order of the GrandFire.

Kindling Eggs themselves do not count towards this total, but the resulting Wickerkin that hatch from a Kindling Egg do.


  • One free monthly breeding charge to use on any Wickerkin that you own in order to breed them with the Goddess of the GrandFire. You receive the resulting Kindling Egg + hatched evolutions.
    • PM me once per month with the Wickerkin you'd like to breed.
  • One free monthly Exploration of any level.
    • PM me once per month with the Wickerkin you'd like to send on an exploration and the level of Exploration you'd like to attempt.
  • One free item from the Item catalog.
    • PM me once per month stating which item from the catalog you would like added to your inventory.
  • 100 WickerPoints added to your WickerPoint Pool

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