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Chaundelabre – Main World Name
The main world in which the Wickerkin call their home. Chaundelabre is a celestial planet in space that has a planetary core reminiscent of a chandelier with the Flarisphere of elements at its center and 10 unique cont…
Jan 24
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Jan 24
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Exclusive Wickerkin Club Kindling Egg - Exquisite Breed Round
Sire: WickerWillow
Dame: The Goddess of the GrandFire
Name: SnapTrapper
Genus: FreeSpirit - A FreeSpirit genus means that whoever adopts and "hatches" the egg can influe…
Jan 19
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"For messaging there should be a "Message" button on the bottom righthand side under the profile banner for each member.
As for posting your photos, head over to the Previous Adoptions tab and in the top right hand corner there will be a button / tex…"
Jan 19
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Jan 17
Making progress on the queue!!!
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"Congratulations! You've been featured for the Month of January!
As the Monthly Featured Member, you get a 500 WickerPoint boost as well as a free Custom WickWulf!"
Jan 12
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Inventory Sheet
Name: Lillith
Current Points: 100 WickerPoints

Item Log
JANUARY FREE ITEM - You Have Received a Free Item!
Thank you for supporting the Wickerkin Species and being a part of The Order of the GrandFire
+1 Ember Potion has been added…
Jan 12
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Jan 11
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Jan 11
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Copy/paste this template to use for your own Wickerkin Owner Profile. You are welcome to change anything about it.
My Info
Furvilla Name:
Furvilla User ID: 

Wickerkin Statistics
Number of Wickerkin Owned: 
Favorite Wickerkin: 
Favorite Famil…
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