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Order of the GrandFire

Chaundelabre – Main World Name

The main world in which the Wickerkin call their home. Chaundelabre is a celestial planet in space that has a planetary core reminiscent of a chandelier with the Flarisphere of elements at its center and 10 unique continents (lands) that populate it. This makes up the planet that the Wickerkin call their home.

Every land is a piece of the overall planet of Chaundelabre, each with their own Capital City and unique geography. The majority of the Wickerkin have a population presence on every land except for a few who are native to a particular place, hence their rarity.

Each land also has what is called a Hearth Hub, or center of activity for the land that functions like a Land Capital. Each Hearth Hub has a name unique to the land it’s on and contains a building where the ruler of the land guards the KindleFlare, which is an ancient artifact given to each land of the Chaundelabre by The Goddess of The GrandFire. The KindleFlare has a unique torch-like look that keeps the Wickerkin’s flames safe from harm and allows them to be connected to The Grand Flarisphere at the center of their planet. Each land’s crest takes inspiration from their KindleFlare and serves as a stamp of identification in travel and trade.

The Ten Lands of Chaundelabre

Glossamire | HearthHub Name: GlimmerSap | Native Wickerkin:  MeltyMaw | Flarisphere Family Affinity: ToxyVox

Phosphorea | HearthHub Name: EverGlint | Native Wickerkin:  Avian Wickerkin | Flarisphere Family Affinity: AirPaint

Incandessia | HearthHub Name: FireSnare| Native Wickerkin:  WickWilt (Venus Flytrap Plant based Wickerkin)| Flarisphere Family Affinity: BrightBriar

TinderFlux | HearthHub Name: BlitzBlaze|Native Wickerkin:  Feline Wickerkin | Flarisphere Family Affinity: CandleFlux / BubbleBrew

Illuminax | HearthHub Name: SoulShimmer| Native Wickerkin: Wick-O-Wisps / DivineFyre | Flarisphere Family Affinity: SlightLyte

BrightFume | HearthHub Name: AshLight | Native Wickerkin: Paraffinosaur | Flarisphere Family Affinity: EverGreen

OracleTorch | HearthHub Name: GlitterFlicker| Native Wickerkin: NoFlame / DrakkoWax | Flarisphere Family Affinity: HeartHeat

Flarenomenon | HearthHub Name: FlareMarsh | Native Wickerkin: Reptilian Wickerkin | Flarisphere Family Affinity: HoneyMarble / MoonLava

CandlePlume | HearthHub Name: WickerWild | Native Wickerkin: Canine Wickerkin | Flarisphere Family Affinity: NullNoise

SootGleam | HearthHub Name: UnderGlow Keep | Native Wickerkin: Aquatic Wickerkin | Flarisphere Family Affinity: Ocean Ghost

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Order of the GrandFire

Family Types

All Wickerkin belong to one or more Family types. These Family types each make up a small part of the "Grand Fire" and each possess their own unique set of powers, affinities, and color spectrums. Wickerkin often breed together so it is more common to find Wickerkin that is more than one Family type than it is to find purebred Wickerkin.

The color spectrums refer to the wax or flame colors that are achievable through breeding those family types together. Many Wickerkin breeders will attempt to try selective breeding in order to obtain different rare coat types such as gradients, patterns, glitter overlays, and even additional appendages such as wings, horns, etc.

Uniquely, the NullNoise Family is the only family to which Wickerkin belong that can change their actual species type without the aid of an item.

Further Study reveals much more than just colors and powers could be related to family types and specific breeding traits.

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Order of the GrandFire

Wickerkin Lore Basics

There are currently five known genus of Wickerkin: Feline, Canine, Aquatic, Avian, and Reptilian. While more Wickerkin are believed to exist, studies have not currently uncovered more information regarding other genus.

All Wickerkin are born into a family type that draws from areas of the Flarisphere. The Flarisphere is the life force “Grand Fire” that gives all Wickerkin their “spark” or life force.

The Flarisphere, shown below demonstrates the ten main family types and their common sub-types. Wickerkins can be one or multiple types at the same time due to breeding but Wickerkin who have traits from opposite hemispheres are the most rare and powerful.

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Wickerkin Lore

This lore is considered the most up to date and canon to the Wickerkin species.

While not everything is filled out yet, I am trying to get at least a few things done each day so that the website will be up to date completely in a short amount of time.