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Species Feature | Canine Genus

Basic Summary
The Wickwulf is a canine type species closely related to the Wickling. They are not quite as mischevious as their feline counterparts and tend to protect their owners at a moments notice. They are loyal and quick to befriend so long as you have a stout heart and a strong will, Wickwulf's are there for you till the end.

Species Details
Gender: Agender when born but slowly evolve into a gender based on their personality. They often switch genders several times before settling on one and there are multiple cases of Wickwulf's making a habit of being genderfluid though not quite as often as their feline counterparts.

Personality: Wickwulf's tend to be excited easily and very energetic, though it varies from time to time, there are Wickwulf's whose temperment is very calm and soothing.

Physical Traits: Wickwulfs can come in all sorts of colors and patterns from their wax to their flame color. The flame never goes out even in the rain and will not burn anyone that the Wickwulf trusts. As Wickwulfs age, they go through what's known as "Metamorphase", which is a developmental stage triggered by an extreme emotion or personality shift.

Metamorphase: During the Wickwulf's Metamorphase development, they grow a secondary wick-like tail and sprout a fluffy like flame the same color as their cranial flame. They also have a hotter temperature so their flame color tends to become more vibrant or neon in color. If they are of the "shadow" variety, which is to say have a "grey" or "blackish" flame, the color deepens.

Dusklight Phase: The final stage of a Wickwulf's development is the Dusklight Phase, where the Wickwulf will grow two more heads, one on either side of the original. They also grow a third tail, whose flame becomes larger, brighter, and longer. Dusklight Phase Wickwulfs often form into an anthropomorphize werewolf-like version as well later on in life.

Mateship: Wickwulfs mate almost identical to Wicklings by fusing their tail-fires with each other, creating a small bit of wax from each parent which magically grows a wick "fertilized" by the flame from the two tails. This flame then grows into the center of the egg while the wax magically wraps around it forming a shell to protect the fire. This point in time is the only time that the fire is vulnerable to being extinguished and must be meticulously taken care of until it hatches into a Wickwulf.

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Wickerkin Lore

This lore is considered the most up to date and canon to the Wickerkin species.

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