Order of the GrandFire

Breeding and Mating

The Science of Breeding and Mateship

 All Wickerkin mate by fusing their tail-fires with each other, creating a small bit of wax from each parent which magically grows a wick "fertilized" by the flame from the two tails.

This flame then grows into the center of the egg while the wax magically wraps around it forming a shell to protect the fire. This point in time is the only time that the fire is vulnerable to being extinguished and must be meticulously taken care of until it hatches into a Wickerkin.

Extreme Rare Flarisphere Family Coat types can only be obtained by mating a Flarisphere Family Coat Wickerkin with the Goddess of the Grand Fire (A.k.a. Momma Wickerkin).


Wickerkin can only breed once per month and produce the highest denominator of evolution in the pair. For instance, if you mate two WickWulfs together, they will produce a WickWulf. If you mated a WickWulf and a WereWick together, they would produce a WereWick. Kindling Eggs can only be produced by making a Wickerkin with the Goddess of the GrandFire. The Goddess of the GrandFire has no monthly mating limit and no cooldown.

Kindling Eggs are only produced by mating a Wickerkin of any species and evolution with The Goddess of the GrandFire. The resulting Kindling Egg would be the counterpart's genus (i.e. if you mated a feline oriented Wickerkin with the Goddess, your Kindling Egg result would be feline). The only exception to this rule is if the NullNoise family is in play, then the resulting Kindling Egg can be chosen by the breeder due to its changeling nature

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Order of the GrandFire

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