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PRICE: 900FD / 450KFC
Next Heritage Chest Refresh: January 19th - Canine & Feline / February 1st - WIldCard

The Heritage Chest is a Rare Chest available once every month that includes the randomized chance to contain 1 to 3 Kindling Eggs who are guaranteed Rare Coats (coats with patterns, glitter, gradients, etc.) For each Kindling Egg you obtain from the Heritage Chest, you receive the Egg and every subsequent evolution. Each Heritage Chest is either Canine or Feline with the exception of the WildCard Chest which can have any combination of both egg types.

Super Rare traits only available from the Heritage Chests are:

- Dragon Invocation (Dragon Wings)
- Unicorn Invocation (Unicorn Horn)
- Prismatic Scale Pattern (A scaly dragon-like pattern in some of the wax body)
- Devil Invocation (Devil Horns)
- Angelic Invocation (Angel Wings)


Current: None

The next Heritage Chest Event will be held Valentines Day (February 14th, 2017)

Order of the GrandFire

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